A short Introduction to LaTeX

Paragraph of introductory material.


You will need a LaTeX editor of some sort. Our lessons uses ShareLateX If you would rather not use cloud latex editor you can install it locally. Guide for local installation.


  1. Document Structure and Basics
  2. Sections, subsections and the table of contents
  3. Formatting, symbols and math
  4. Images, Figures and Cross Referencing
  5. Where The Magic Happens -- Preamble and Macros

Other Resources

We have also prepared a large example document with as many features as we could cram in. Sarah has shared it on ShareLaTeX here. It is an excellent reference for how to do many things like multi file documents etc and we will be referring to it in the second half.

This lesson is available on github, if you would like to suggest a change make a pull request to the lesson repository.