Lesson Title

Instructor's Guide


One or more paragraphs laying out the lesson's legend (i.e., the story behind its running example).


  • Something insightful.

  • Some hard-won experience.

Document Structure and Basics

  • A specific tip or trick about the first topic.

  • Be sure to describe what learners are expected to do during the topic (watch, type along, pair program, etc.)

  1. Discussion of first challenge.

  2. Discussion of second challenge.

Sections, subsections and the table of contents

  • Et cetera.

Formatting, symbols and math

  • ET cetera.

Images, Figures and Cross Referencing

  • Note that references are case sensitive. Additionally splitting a label name with an underscore does not work. cool_rocket will cause hard to diagnose errors.

Where The Magic Happens -- Preamble and Macros